Monday, November 17, 2014

Always a daddy's girl

You all know that my dad has been ill. He was hospitalized about a month ago because his urinary track infection came back with a vengeance and his shoulder/arm that he broke got infected. He was terrible. The infection was horrible. After being on IV antibiotics for several days, he was finally moved to a rehabilitation center where he is currently. Here he has had more rounds of antibiotics and has been having much more therapy on his arm and on his balance and leg work.

His birthday was the same day as Alex's. We went up a few days after their birthdays to have a big family party. It was good to be with the family that could come and wonderful to see my dad. I was sad to see him in the rehabilitation. He hates being away from my mom at nights. They love being together.

I love that my mom and dad read scriptures together everyday and that they have prayer together every night. Even if my dad is asleep, my mom whispers a prayer in his ear. She won't let them miss a day. That is a testimony of prayer.

I love how she races to get their in the mornings and leaves as late as she can. I love how she brings him treats to make his stay better. I love how he is so thankful for her kindness. He says she gives him everything he needs.

We only got to stay a day. Its too hard for them to have our whole family there. It was so good for the kids. They are worried about him and love him so much. Alex was pretty emotional. He loves sharing his birthday with Grandpa.

With his bday slippers.

B-day boys.

My sister got this awesome cake.

These pictures are just because I like to see what Maylin does with the camera. There are more family and party pictures below.

Jay and my sister in law, Chris.

The birthday Boy!

My nephew Aaron came to the party as Bumble Bee. The kids, except one, loved it! The one that didn't was pretty traumatized.

Singing happy birthday to Grandpa, Alex and Blakley (my great niece whose bday was Nov.1)

My brother's son's family. Aaron and Lana, Brinley, Sheldon, Blakely, Stockton and Stetson

Four generations - my dad, brother, my nephew and great nephew.

My kids with my parents. 

I needed one!

My sister's family. She has 5 kids but only one lives close.

Me and my family.

Being brother said its always the young one that acts up.

My brother in law took my dad for a good long walk. He is doing better.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons- Jim Bishop

Before the weather turned cold, I wanted to go up into the mountains and see the beautiful fall leaves. We took a Saturday and drove to Payson and went to Grotto Falls. It was a seriously short hike.....maybe .5 miles both ways. But it was awesome. The trail wound around a creek and there were fun bridges to cross and the colors were awe inspiring. We loved it. Not one person complained. Alex had a wonderful time taking pictures and shaking trees trying to catch a picture with falling leaves. Maylin loved having the puppies there and the other two just enjoyed everyone's company. I took some great shots. My favorite are of the kids plus our good family friend doing "Awkward Family Photos." They were hilarious.

Afterward we drove to Springville and found the Waffle Love Food Truck! Oh my heavens! Heaven in a waffle!

We start the hike. Thought I better take a picture in case the smiles left, but they got bigger as the day went on! Good days.


Love how the puppies just follow right along.

Grotto Falls

Alex deciding he needed a picture from the top. It was a harder climb than he thought.

 Coming down, required help from dad. He didn't want to hurt the camera. He got some amazing shots.

The gang, kinda tired of Alex taking my photo every second.

Alex, throwing leaves into the shot hoping it would recreate "falling leaves."

My favorite shots! Nothing better than this sweet girl with her puppies. 

Love her!

Alex in action.....the fall maker.

Making a leaf angel.

Awkward family photos.

Jay gets on top of the bridge to recreate falling leaves. It doesn't work well. He drops them in a clump. It was pretty dang funny. 

These are some of my favorite Awkward Family Photos.

Austin with his leaf cloth, kills me.