Monday, November 18, 2013

A boat load of ice cream and memories.

One of Jay and I's favorite ice cream parlors is called Leatherby's. When we first moved here, we would go there a lot with neighbors and new friends. Jay's brother and wife liked it too. We haven't been there for years.I think part of why we hadn't been there is the realization that our favorite treats there.....mine the peanut butter cup and Jay's the Angie Almond Joy, had caused us to get a bit round and we moved farther away from the store. The last time we were there was about 8 years ago. Jay's brother and wife were visiting so we decided to take them there for old times sake. While there, we told them we had decided to adopt from China. I can still see there faces. It wasn't that they weren't happy about it, they just had never thought about it.

All those years later, we decided we needed to take our children there. Mainly, take the child to the place her destiny was spoken out loud and to someone other than each other or our children. We wanted to share with her that special moment over our favorite treats. The other kids needed to go to because they were maybe 2 and 5 the last time they were there.

It was a sweet time and Maylin and some questions. She has found her favorite ice cream too. She chose the Black and Tan. It was HUGE! Way bigger than Jay and I's, and ours our big. Obviously, she didn't even make a dent in it, but that didn't matter. The sweetness was about reliving that moment where we shared with others our plan to get a beautiful addition to our family.

The ice cream here is large and wonderful. But, she is the sweetest thing ever.

A portrait of Jay and I's favorites.

 Of course, Alex had to take the big ice cream challenge. He failed.....that was okay, the left overs were good.

Kenzie stayed simple and just did cookies and cream....plain.

Kenzie tries Alex's monstrosity.

It's almost as tall as her.


emma nelson said...

Ummm....good! I want some too.

Nate said...

This is. A sweet post