Wednesday, November 13, 2013

It's nothing spectacular, just every day life.

Sometimes life gets going so fast I forget to post things that are just a part of every day life. However, when I looked back on these pictures I realized they are important events even if they aren't a big deal. They are events that shape who we are as individuals and as a family unit. I want my kids to remember these simple events of life.

I can't remember if I posted pictures of Alex's Eagle Project. Now, this is a bigger deal than a lot of the other pictures. He worked hard and it was stressful. Alex made a stage for the Zumba Association to use at their fundraisers each quarter. This first fundraiser was for breast cancer. He made it nice and strong and solid. The teachers were thrilled. Their old stage was a bit rickety and when they danced on it they were nervous. Now, he just has a few more merit badges to get and he will have his Eagle. 

Here are Alex and Harrison his friend setting it up. It was heavy, so they put wheels on the bottom to help them easily maneuver it around. 

 Here are the teachers enjoying their new solid stage. A huge crowd came and they raised about $2000 at the event.

The lady sitting down has stage 4 cancer and some of the money went directly to her. 

Also, Alex had to have 3 more moles removed from his back. One came back pre-cancerous and the other two came back ok. That heavens. That makes for a total of 4 moles.....two precancerous and two not. 50-50.

Our dog Bailey is a hoot. He is so little he can get his head stuck in a graham cracker bag. He was really working hard to get any crumbs that were available. 

 This is Joe and Leona. They moved in across the street from us about 2 years ago. Maylin ADORES them. She goes and sees them several times a week. They remember her birthday and they are always giving her treats. She even prays for them every day. Since all her grandparents live out of state, these are like her surrogates. I have helped them can salsa the past two years. They have a huge garden each year. They are visionary even though they are 84 and 85. Its hard for them to can it, but they have such a desire to keep going that I am happy to help them with it. We love them.

We have been so busy with football and ACT boot camp, that poor Maylin has been lost in the shuffle....okay not lost, but locked in her carseat. So, we decided on Wednesdays when the other siblings were gone to their activities, we would have a mom and daughter time. For this Wednesday, she wanted a friend to join us. We made birdfeeders out of pine cones, peanut butter and seeds. We made TONS. The girls put a few in our trees and then they delivered them to all of our neighbors. This is Cameron. She is one of Maylin's good friends. She just moved so Maylin is sad. 

After all his school and sports and growth spurts, Alex can be found many a day, asleep on the couch or floor.

  Here is Bailey. He found the garden. Now he is coming to the back door to let us know he needs a bath. The kids love him so much.....okay so do I! He is so dang cute.

Maylin participated in her school spelling bee. She took 2nd place in her class and in the whole school bee she made it to the 4th round. She got knocked out with the word software. We worked hard on that word too. She had been spelling it softwear, but during the bee she spelled it softwair. Jay, being Mr.Computer was sad that was the word she missed. She did awesome though and got a certificate. We were so proud of her!

Finally, Alex and Kenzie are in Tech Crew at school. Alex is a natural at it and his teacher loves him. He made him the TA over the class. Kenzie isn't thrilled about this. Having her little brother be over her is hard. Here he is working on the ceiling at school. He loves it.

Days are long. They leave for school at 7:30 and they don't get home until 4. Naps are a must!


Circe said...

Love the snapshots of daily life.

emma nelson said...

So glad to see the regular activities of the kids...even Bailey's dirty face.