Monday, March 31, 2014

8 and 18! Two BIG Birthdays!

The girls celebrated their birthdays' on March 5 (Maylin) and March 6th (McKenzie). Both milestone birthdays! In our church, children can choose to be baptized at 8. Maylin will be baptized on April 12. Of course, we all know what 18 means!

On Maylin's birthday, she took fruit roll ups and juice boxes to share with her class. She also chose to go eat at Olive Garden. I made her a Sofia the First Cake. It looked cute, but I burned it so it really didn't taste goo at all so we threw most of it away. She got an Anna and Elsa doll for her b-day. She also got clothes. The big news was she got her ears pierced. It was touch and go there for a minute.....she almost chickened out. It made me laugh because she has been counting down the days until she could get them pierced and then she almost chickened out. We all were there as we did it on our way to dinner. It took all of us to convince her. We all knew she would regret it if she didn't. She loves them now.

I bought these pearl earrings in China when we were there getting Maylin. I wanted to save them for her 8th birthday. She was so excited to get them. 

The dolls, next to the purple hat were her favorite gifts. 

After dinner we tried to eat the awful cake and we opened presents. It was a good day.

For Kenzie's big day, we went to the Bombay House for Indian food. This place is mainly gluten free....naturally. All but about 5 items were gluten free! Kenzie as in paradise. It was VERY delicious and the atmosphere was awesome. After dinner, we went to the Lego Movie. We were the only ones in the theater and we laughed our heads off. Maylin and Jay sat at the bottom of the theater and when the Awesome Song started, they got up and started dancing. It was hysterical.

We had really good cake afterward.....there was no way I was going to screw up another cake. It was gluten free and fabulous! She got clothes, jewelry and more clothes.
It was a chocolate gluten free cake with pink lemonade frosting. 

Pretty girl rocking a new b-day outfit. 

Finally, this past weekend....yes March 28.... I threw Maylin a b-day party. My kids get a friend party every 4 years, so this was very anticipated. We did a Rapunzel party. I made great braids that the girls could decorate with foam flowers and butterflies. I put a clip in them so they could actually clip them in their hair. We also made great noise blowers that looked like Pascal, Rapunzel friend from the movie. We decorate lanterns and each girl got a canvas they could paint, just like Rapunzel did when she was locked in the tower (according to the movie Tangled). I also got golden balloons for each girl and they sang happy birthday to Maylin and then we released them into the sky representing the lanterns Rapunzel's parents would let off on her birthday. That was cool!

We had an ice cream sundae bar and I had donuts made that looked like a braid. It was totally cool. The kids had a great time.
 I did yellow steamers around like Rapunzel's hair. It was cute and easy.

The braids. Great decoration and when it was time to decorate, I pulled them down.


Decorating the braids.

Lantern time.

 The girls loved painting. I bought a really cool stamp of a castle and of a crown they used in their paintings.

The braid donuts were a hit.

This was my favorite part.

Present time!


Circe said...

What a fun party! Happu birthday to your two beautiful girls!

The Stanley's said...

Sweet. Love those girls!