Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Smash, bang and are you kidding me?

This week started out terribly. First, Maylin woke up on Sunday morning with her eye swollen shut and red. It did not hurt, it did not itch, it didn't do anything, but look terrible. I tried a Benedryl to see if it was allergies. It didn't work. I knew it wasn't pink eye. There was nothing pointing that direction. On Monday, I sent her to school with a note telling the teacher her eye was not pink eye so don't worry about her being contagious. I had a thought (after searching the internet) that it could be this weird, rare eye problem called Orbital cellulitis. This is what I read: " This is a rare but serious bacterial infection of tissues surrounding the eye, resulting in painful swelling of the upper and lower eyelid, and possibly the eyebrow and cheek. Other symptoms include bulging eyes, decreased vision, fever, and eye pain when moving the eyes.Orbital cellulitis is a medical emergency and prompt IV antibiotic treatment often is needed to prevent optic nerve damage, permanent vision loss or blindness and other serious complications."

Her teacher emailed me during the day and told me her son had Orbital cellulitis and this looked just like it. So, I panicked and took her to the doctor the moment she got home from school. Guess what? It was the Orbital cellulitis. They put her on a serious antibiotic. Poor thing, it just hurts her gut, but the doctor said they have no other choice. I couldn't let her out of my sight and we had to set our alarm every 2 hours in the night to make sure it wasn't getting worse. If it got worse we were told we had a 3 hour window to get her to the hospital for surgery to save her eye. The doctor said, "I'm trying to scare you. You need to know how serious this is." She accomplished that.

Today, she had a check up and the doctor said it looked better so she could leave my sight and go to school. We still weren't out of the woods, but we had a 5 hour window now from a change in symptoms to surgery. Phew.

Also, on Monday, Jay got in a terrible wreck. His truck is suffering from $5,700 damage. However, he was okay. Seriously, lucky since it was a freeway wreck with speeds of 65 mph.

We are glad we have reached hump day. We hope the down hill portion of our week is less traumatic.


Circe said...

I cannot believe the eye thing! What a crazy thing to have happen! And the car accident?! You must have angels working overtime at your house!

emma nelson said...

Don't know what to say, except that we're glad that Maylin is getting was scary for a while.
The car accident? That's all you need for now...Glad Jay is OK.