Saturday, April 12, 2014

What a whirlwind

Life has been one whirlwind after another. I seriously, don't know where the days go. I feel like I never get a moment where something doesn't have to be done. It is crazy. This post will sum up a couple of months worth of activities.

First: Maylin's class read the book Heidi. They had a Heidi celebration complete with wheelchair races, taking their cardboard goat for a walk, traditional foods and of course a craft where they made clocks out of tongue depressors. It was a fun day.

Maylin also has been studying the Native American traditional culture and heritage. I was in charge of that celebration. We played traditional Indian games, learned an Indian rain dance, made dream catchers and they had chili, corn bread, dried fruit and meat.

McKenzie got asked to a local public school's prom. She had a great time. She was nervous about putting on the boutineer so she practiced on Austin. It went well. She had a great time.

Kenzie also had an international lunch at school where they ate Korean and Chinese foods. She has a lot of exchange students from those places in her class so it was nice for them to share.

This was a Daughter Daddy Date night at the church. It was the Donut Olympics. Every thing centered around the donut. Pretty awesome and delicious.


emma nelson said...

So fun to finally get back to the Blog! Such fun activities at their school! McKenzie looked wonderful in her formal, glad she got to wear it again!.

emma nelson said...

So fun to finally get back to the blog! Such fun activities at the school! McKenzie looks darling in the formal, glad she got to wear it again.